Meet the Slaveholders

Slavery is not a private matter. Eleanore Couture does not have the right to enslave Lensa in secret. Here it is revealed.

Eleanore Ajami

Eleanore Ajami is owner and founder and Eleanore Couture. It is certain that she is a key figure in the enslavement of Lensa. He face is the face of Eleanore Couture. Furthermore, many of the legal court orders and requests have come in the name of Eleanore Ajami. Eleanore Ajami owns the building in which Lensa is enslaved. When Lensa told her mother that her employer threatened to send her home as a corpse if she didn’t comply, it is almost certain that that threat could not be made without Eleanore’s consent. On a positive note, she did tell  her daughter Crystel to stop chasing Lensa around with scissors on a daily basis. Eleanore Ajami can be reached at:

[email protected]

Abuser Children

Crystel Khalil

Lensa said, “Every day Crystel came after me with the scissors and tried to cut me.” Crystel wheeled Lensa on a stretcher into the Al Jadeed studio in order to humiliate her in a false confession. She has perjured herself in posing as Lensa in making official DMCA legal complaints on Lensa’s behalf. You can contact her at:

Alexis Khalil

Alexis Khalil has given us public assurances that all is good with Lensa and she is in great hands. This is contrary to Lensa’s testimony, “They beat me every day with an electric cable and wrapped my hair around their hands and dragged me around the room. They smashed my head into the walls. Every hour there was some form of torture. There were four of them abusing us. Eleanore Ajami, Alexis, Crystal and Joe.” Who are we to believe? You can contact Alexis at:

Joe Khalil

Lensa says of Joe that “In the morning he came grabbed my hair, and dragged me round the room. And he was pushing his fingers into my eyes…Every day, he was planning how to attack me.” Joe has a special affinity for abuse. He gets the most mentions in Lensa’s testimony of Eleanore Couture’s abuse. We hope security forces can bring his actions to justice. You can contact him at:

What Can I Do?

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